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Saturday February 27 2021 

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Coach's Corner

North Texas Thunder Basketball Elite Intro
Aug 28, 2013, 10:40 pm

North Texas Thunder Elite was formed for basketball players ages 16-18 in the DFW area, to teach youths the productive mechanisms of team sports, teamwork, discipline, fundamentals of basketball, strong work ethic on and off the court and values. Thunder staff will develop these concepts through the professionals who are living examples of these principles. North Texas Thunder is committed to the idea that by providing youth with a wholesome, intellectually stimulating environment anchored in athleticism and supervised by a caring team of professionals, any player can embrace the challenges of success.


The program has pledged to uplift the ideals which support youth development and to construct avenues for change where change is needed in attitude and good behaviors, and to reinforce the foundations upon which honor and responsibilty rest. Furthermore, the program reserves the right to conduct any and all lawful activities, both alone and with other persons or organizations, and implement any other act or thing necessary or proper to accomplish or advance the same growth and help any child to create a lasting, positive intent for the future.


North Texas Thunder Elite works with all level of player to improve their basketball skill to become a fundamental basketball player. Thunder is a year round program that plays in NCAA events as well as local tournaments.


Thunder Training

In training with us, a player is evaluated and given a diagnostic report on their strengths and weaknesses. From there, the staff will put together a comprehensive program that will bring out the potential the player has to perform at a superior level. The player's mentality, confidence, nutrition, game intellience, athletic ability and positional skills are emphasized and tailored to the next level.